Like countless other blogs, here will be posted random musing on life, the universe and everything...well as long as the everything includes Films, Books, Motorcycles, Poker, Linux, Python and Dorset.

New Blog


Now that I am back up and running on this account, my plan to use another Google account for this blog is no longer needed. However the new account has already been used to create a new blog for my experiences within World of Warcraft and is called Brandius-Wow. I have followed that blog from this account to allow easy cross-linking between the two.

Back online


I have had some issues using this blog, due to the account being registered with an email address I no longer own or have access to. I think that is solved now, so hopefully I can start making use of this blog again.

Not posted recently


I have not posted on here for some time. This is mainly to do with the company I work for blocking access to loads of sites, Blogger being one of them. A VERY stupid policy seeing as a lot of useful information is now posted onto Blogs but there you go.

I have been up to quite a lot of things recently, some I hope to get around to posting on here in the near future.

So to then then.

v0.5 of JE6-B released


I manaed to release v0.5 into the ether last week. It has already had 24 downloads, which again is very humbling.

Anyway, the project is here for those who are interested.

v0.3 of JPokerTM released


Wow! I have also managed to get JPokerTM (my Poker tournament helper program written in Jython/Java) updated too.

Version 0.4 of jE6-b released


I was shocked to find over 250 had downloaded my little Jython/Java emulator of the E6-B flight computer. I therefore decided it needed a bit of an upgrade and released v0.4 into the ether at the weekend. It has already had 12 downloads, which is very humbling!!!

Anyway, the project is here for those who are interested.

Pokerstars Blogger World Championship


Well I ended up coming 435th, which I think is better than last time. I managed to keep level for just about the whole tournament but was completely unable to actually build up my stack. After the second break, the blinds were getting serious (when I only had 8500 left) and had to push all in with anything half decent (which turned to be a lowly K8s) which unfortunately hit an AXu in the BB.
Still with over 1350 starters, I came in the top third and it was quite good fun. Roll on next year.

It doesn't just happen online!!!


It was my step-son Richard's birthday on Sunday and he asked if we could have a poker night on Saturday for it. We hadn't had a poker night for some time, so it seemed like a good idea. One of Richard's friends from next door came and along with Tracy, myself and my other step-son Paul that made six of us playing a NLH tourney.

It was not my best game ever that's for sure, as I was the first one out! It started with the hand that this post is titled after. I woke up with AsJd in the BB with blinds at 25-50. Raised 100 and was called by Tracy and Paul nextdoor. Flop was 3s4s7s. I had a nice draw with my As, so I raised another 100 - Tracy called and Paul ND folded. Turn was a blank - both checked and the dream card came on the river - Js. I had rivered the Nut Flush and raised 500 and was called by Tracy. I happily announced I had the Ace High Flush and got ready to rake in the chips....only for Tracy to flip over 5s6s for a Straight Flush - which she had hit on the flop!!!
I was busted shortly after with KJo, which was best going into the river but got busted by a Q on the river - which the birthday boy himself had. Richard went on to win.

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